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LED Promotional Gifts

It includes LED keychains, LED pens, LED fans, and Novelty LED gifts.

Light up your brand with LED promotional gifts – the perfect way to brighten up your customers' day and leave a lasting impression!

This rectangular block LED keyring is made of good quality ABS material with a build-in button battery. 2 3/8" L x 1" W x 1/4" H


Screen printed. 1 1/2" W x 1/2" H on front. Price includes 1 color, 1 side, 1 location


Production Time: 6 to 12 working days Packaging: Bulk


Rectangle LED Keychain: Illuminate, Accessorize, Impress

Illuminate Your Path

Introducing the Rectangle LED Keychain – a compact powerhouse of light that brightens your way in style. Whether you're unlocking your door, searching for items in your bag, or adding a touch of radiance to your ensemble, this keychain's LED light ensures you navigate with confidence, no matter the time of day.

Stylish Accessory

Elevate your style with the modern elegance of the Rectangle LED Keychain. Its sleek rectangular design complements your keys or accessories, adding a subtle touch of sophistication. Carry practicality and fashion in the palm of your hand as you showcase your individuality with this versatile and eye-catching keychain.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Make a lasting impression with the Rectangle LED Keychain. Its powerful LED light not only serves as a functional tool but also adds an element of surprise and intrigue. Attach it to your keys, bag, or belt loop, and let the rectangular glow speak volumes about your attention to detail and style.

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Rectangle LED Keychain

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