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LED Promotional Gifts

It includes LED keychains, LED pens, LED fans, and Novelty LED gifts.

Light up your brand with LED promotional gifts – the perfect way to brighten up your customers' day and leave a lasting impression!

This personal safety alarm keychain offers a loud 130db siren and SOS LED Light to help call for aid in a wide range of situations, it also can be used as a normal flashlight to light up your way. A built-in rechargeable battery can up to 90 minutes of continuous alarm with a flashlight. The safety alarm is easy to use for both kids and adults. Easily attaches to keys, purses, backpacks, or belts. 2.76" L x 1.42" W x 0.25mm Thick


Engraved. 0.8" L x 0.39" H on front. Price includes 1 color, 1 side, 1 location


Production Time: 12 to 20 working days Packaging: 1 pcs/box; 220 units/ctn; 26.5 lbs./ctn; Dimensions: 16" x 14" x 9"


Portable Rechargeable Personal Keychain Alarm: Empower, Alert, Carry

Empower Your Safety

Introducing the Portable Rechargeable Personal Keychain Alarm – a modern and reliable tool designed to empower you with enhanced security and peace of mind. With its rechargeable design, this keychain ensures you have a sustainable source of protection whenever and wherever you need it. From walking alone to traveling to unfamiliar places, let the Portable Rechargeable Keychain Alarm be your safety companion.

Alert with Confidence

Experience the confidence of instant alertness with the Portable Rechargeable Personal Keychain Alarm. Its powerful alarm can draw attention in emergency situations, providing you with a proactive way to deter potential threats. Attach it to your keys, bag, or accessories, and let the keychain alarm be your trusty alert system, ready to sound the alarm and keep you safe.

Carry Protection Everywhere

Let functionality and modernity unite with the Portable Rechargeable Personal Keychain Alarm. Its compact size and rechargeable feature make it an essential addition to your everyday carry items. Carry it with you wherever you go, knowing you have a sustainable and reliable alert system at your fingertips, ready to empower you and provide a layer of protection.

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Portable Rechargeable Personal Keychain Alarm

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