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LED Promotional Gifts

It includes LED keychains, LED pens, LED fans, and Novelty LED gifts.

Light up your brand with LED promotional gifts – the perfect way to brighten up your customers' day and leave a lasting impression!

It can be used as a pen for writing also can be used as a spinner anytime. Fidget spinner pen will inspire you at work, school or home. The pen spins very quietly so you can play it in office and classroom at free time. The flashlight on this pen can be used to lighting up when you play the spinner or you can use it as a backup flashlight when you need it in darkness. This pen is very suitable to be given as a gift. Your logo or artwork can be imprinted on it. 3.7" L


Screen printed. 1" W x 0.4" H on front


Production Time: 20 to 25 working days or 12 to 20 working days for rush service Packaging: Each packed in one poly bag; 500 units/ctn; 22 lbs./ctn; Dimensions: 13" x 11" x 9"


Write with Ease

Introducing the Plastic Fidget Pen With LED Light – a versatile tool that combines writing, fidgeting, and illumination for added convenience. This isn't just a pen; it's a dynamic companion that empowers your tasks with creativity. The smooth ballpoint pen lets you jot down notes, create lists, and express your thoughts with fluidity. Whether you're in meetings, brainstorming sessions, or simply capturing ideas, let the Plastic Fidget Pen With LED Light be your writing companion.

Fidget with Purpose

Experience purposeful fidgeting with the built-in design elements. The textured surface and movable components offer a satisfying tactile experience, ideal for reducing stress and enhancing focus. Whether you're in need of a break during work or looking for a creative outlet, the fidgeting feature of this pen is ready to keep your fingers engaged.

Illuminate with Vibrancy

The Plastic Fidget Pen With LED Light goes beyond writing and fidgeting – it illuminates with vibrancy. The built-in LED light brightens your surroundings, ensuring you're never left in the dark. Whether you're reading in low light, searching for items, or need a quick source of illumination, this versatile tool has you covered.

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Plastic Fidget Pen With LED Light

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