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LED Promotional Gifts

It includes LED keychains, LED pens, LED fans, and Novelty LED gifts.

Light up your brand with LED promotional gifts – the perfect way to brighten up your customers' day and leave a lasting impression!

Nio Light Bulb keychain is a tiny but useful product. With modern design and 3D light bulb visibility, keep your safety when doing a night walk. Light up your way forward in the dark. A keychain with a ring can attach the light bulb to a purse, handbag, backpack, car key, or anywhere you want. Nio Light Bulb Pocket light Keychain is a wonderful gift. 2.38" L x 1.25" W x 1.25" H


Screen printed. 0.5" W x 0.25" H on front. Price includes Laser engraving, 1 side, 1 location


Production Time: 5 to 7 working days Packaging: Bulk package with poly bag; 500 units/ctn; 22 lbs./ctn; Dimensions: 17" x 13" x 8"


Nio Light Bulb Keychain: Illuminate Your Way

Shine Bright Anywhere with the Nio Light Bulb Keychain

Introducing the Nio Light Bulb Keychain, a portable powerhouse of light that fits right on your keyring. This miniature marvel ensures you're never in the dark again, whether you're searching for your keys or need a quick light source on the go.

Key Features:

1. Compact Brilliance

  • Despite its small size, the Nio Light Bulb Keychain emits a powerful, focused beam of light, perfect for those moments when you need it most.

2. Easy Activation

  • A simple twist activates the bright LED, ensuring you have immediate access to a reliable light source whenever and wherever you need it.

3. Built to Last

  • Crafted with durable materials, this keychain is designed for longevity, ensuring it's ready to shine whenever you are.

4. Versatile Attachment

  • The sturdy keyring attachment allows you to secure it to your keys, bag, or even your zipper for quick and easy access.

5. Perfect for Every Adventure

  • Whether you're an avid camper, a night owl, or just someone who values preparedness, the Nio Light Bulb Keychain is a must-have addition to your everyday carry.

Illuminate Your World with Nio

The Nio Light Bulb Keychain is not just a convenient accessory; it's a trusty companion for all your adventures. Add this little light to your keyring and never be left in the dark again.


  • Shine Bright Anywhere with the Nio Light Bulb Keychain
  • Key Features:
    • Compact Brilliance
    • Easy Activation
    • Built to Last
    • Versatile Attachment
    • Perfect for Every Adventure
  • Illuminate Your World with Nio

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Nio Light Bulb Keychain

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