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LED Promotional Gifts

It includes LED keychains, LED pens, LED fans, and Novelty LED gifts.

Light up your brand with LED promotional gifts – the perfect way to brighten up your customers' day and leave a lasting impression!

Give customers something fun and useful like this 3-in-1 pen! It's made of aluminum with two buttons that allow you to choose between the laser pointer and LED flashlight. It even has a key ring to attach your keys and always have it nearby. This is great for students, professionals, or anyone else who need to take note or reminders. Give this to customers at the next tradeshow or conference and make a great impression! 3.4" L x 0.4" W


Screen Print, Laser Engraving. 1.25" L x 1/4" W. Price includes 1 color, 1 location


Production Time: Approximately 12 working days Packaging: Individual poly bag


Illuminate, Point, and Shine

Introducing the Magic Laser Pointer Pen LED Flashlight 3 In 1 – a versatile accessory that combines illumination, pointing, and shining capabilities. This isn't just a pen; it's a magic tool that enhances your presentations, points out important details, and adds a touch of brilliance to your tasks.

Elevate Your Performance

The Magic Laser Pointer Pen goes beyond ordinary pens – it elevates your performance and adds a professional touch to your presentations. Whether you're giving a lecture, conducting a workshop, or simply need a reliable tool for everyday tasks, this accessory is your go-to companion.

Perfect for Presenters and Professionals

This innovative accessory is perfect for presenters, educators, professionals, and anyone who wants to impress their audience and enhance their efficiency. Whether you're in a boardroom, classroom, or any setting where precision and impact matter, the Magic Laser Pointer Pen is your secret to success.

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Magic Laser Pointer Pen LED Flashlight 3 In 1

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